Mopidy-MPRIS 2.0 released

I’ve released Mopidy-MPRIS 2.0, the first major update to Mopidy-MPRIS in about 3.5 years.

Mopidy-MPRIS is a Mopidy extension that makes Mopidy controllable from other programs on the same machine through D-Bus. This makes it possible to control Mopidy from various widgets in GNOME/KDE/etc, as well as with keyboard media keys.


Four years of JavaScript churn: Mopidy.js 1.0

Yesterday, I released v1.0.0 of the Mopidy.js JavaScript library. Even though the library serves as the basis for most Mopidy web clients and have been in active use since 2013, this was the first release in almost four years.

Four years is quite a long time in the world of JavaScript.


Bringing the Mopidy music server to the browser

Note: This is a blog post draft that was originally written in January 2013, left unattended for 1689 days, and rediscovered and published unedited in August 2017.

During the five years since Mopidy entered the browser with its HTTP JSON-RPC API and the Mopidy.js JavaScript library, a number of successful Mopidy web clients have been built on top of this foundation. The APIs themselves have survived the test of time and have required minimal maintenance, just as I hoped when implementing the APIs back in November 2012.

Mopidy is a music server written in Python. It plays music from various sources, including local disk and Spotify. Mopidy can be remote controlled by, among others, MPD clients.

In Mopidy 0.10, released in the middle of December, we added an HTTP frontend. The HTTP frontend takes Mopidy’s full core API and makes it available from JavaScript in the browser. This means that you now can make your own web clients for Mopidy in JavaScript, and Wouter van Wijk have already started on his client (updated link).

I’d like to write a bit about how we made the HTTP client.


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